New Customers Don't Just "Happen"

The linked article explains why it's important for a business to make regular prospecting calls. One quote that caught my attention was:

"...when that “prospect became a client” is not just because I asked them to join face to face. It was a cumulative effort involving an ad they might have seen, a press release in the local newspaper, a letter they received or even a conversation they had with a friend who happened to be a member. Adding a new client is the end result of a cumulative, long-term effort."

While not specifically mentioned in the quote, your greensboro website would also be a part of the cumulative effort that resulted in a new client. If you don't yet have a website or are in need of a refresh contact Show Of Studios today.

Does Your Navigation Menu Make Sense?

A navigation menu should be as simple and as logical as possible. If you have 12 items under a single heading you are making your visitors work way too hard to find content. If possible, can you break these 12 items into 2 or 3 logical headings? Likewise, having 12 un-categorized headings can also be  overwhelming. So, think simple and logical when creating your navigation menu.